FindProp: I was trying to learn how the API for targets/nodes in the Borland C++ Project server work. So i was feeling a little courios about what can be stored in a node, there is API to save info in a project node (IProjectServer::NodePropertySet) and obviously there is API to retrieve that info (IProjectServer::NodePropertyFind), but there is no API to enumerate that info. So using my another addon (ae55) I build a small addon to find what's stored in a project node. Since I didnt expect that the BC worked fine after several millions of querys (actually i guess that the output folder is the problem), I stored the 'last' property checked in a C:\findprop.ini, so test can be executed later from that last position.

findprop.rar: source code and compiled .DLL (no installer, use old method: addonreg.exe).

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